The 2023 PDA Day on May 9th, 2023 held at Flexpak in Woods Cross, UT was a huge success. Suppliers from all over were able to attend and spend time with members of our sales team from each Flexpak location. It is safe to say that everyone found it beneficial; below are some of the positive comments we received. Due to the tremendous success, we will make this a reoccurring event.

“I think it is safe to say that the PDA day was top notch and one of the most successful events we have ever had!  We had 21 suppliers attend which is by far the most we have ever hosted and possibly a record for any PDA day event!”

Brian Kellen, CEO, Flexpak

“Barb and George are amazing! We truly appreciate all the hard work and everything they put in making PDA great.

Without their efforts our PDA Day would not have been the success it was. It is always a pleasure to work with them!”

Tricia Layne, EA, Flexpak
“I loved getting to meet the sales team from all Flexpak locations. This was my first opportunity to meet the sales team and hear the pros/cons of working with Box Partners. It was extremely beneficial as we were able to make changes immediately to help the sales teams to work with BOX with greater ease. It was an exceptional event, with an amazing group of people. Grateful for the time with all of you.”
Jenni Moore, Box Partners
“It was GREAT to be able to connect with the sales team members in small scheduled groups. The one on one was much better than a group thing- to be able to get their full attention. I wouldn’t change a thing. VERY nicely done.”
Bob Detlaff, BOSTONtec
“I loved getting to put a face to a name for each vendor. I was reminded of all the latest and greatest products and services that we can offer our customers.”
Karen Mower, Sales, Flexpak
“Firstly, I felt like Flexpak was represented well and it was very professional. I felt like the attendees left with a positive impression of our organization”
Skyler Terry, Sales, Flexpak